Practical tips for exhibitors

Production & recycling

  • Please feel free to choose a reusable booth package from the organizer or design your own booth to make it as sustainable as possible. Book booth furnishings through Malmö Mäss-Service to avoid transportation and ensure circular use.
  • Create reusable signs (without any date) made of recyclable material and with environmentally friendly ink whenever possible.
  • Use LED lighting and other energy-efficient equipment for your booth, and remember to turn it off at the end of the day.
  • Try not to use carpeting, and if you really need it, preferably choose reusable carpet tiles. If you use regular carpeting, make sure it is recyclable.
  • We ask for help with recycling before, during, and after the fair. Use the recycling station and dispose of waste in the correctly labeled containers where we sort plastic, paper, cardboard, and food waste separately.

Food & food Waste

  • If you serve food in your booth, preferably choose locally sourced and plant-based options, and offer visitors seasonal fruits and berries instead of candy.
  • Try to reduce food waste by only ordering the amount of food needed.
  • Starting from January 1, 2024, reusable alternatives must be offered.
  • To avoid the use of single-use plastics, we encourage you to use reusable drink containers/plates or an alternative containing no more than 15% plastic. Upon arrival, exhibitors have the option to purchase reusable containers from Malmömässan.
  • If you order beverages (excluding coffee) from Malmömässan’s restaurants, they will be served in reusable polycarbonate glasses. These are treated as glassware, and you will be charged the full price for those not returned.
  • Feel free to bring your own reusable mug and bottle to refill with water and coffee throughout the day. Reusable mugs are available for purchase at Malmömässan if you forget your own.

Travel & accommodation

Whenever possible, please travel collectively or cycle/walk to Malmömässan, the nearest train station is Hyllie. If you need to travel by car, please carpool. Consider selecting a hotel within walking distance if possible.

Logistics & transportation

Consolidate your shipments and preferably use transportation and logistics companies that employ sustainable methods. Support local suppliers to bolster the local economy and reduce transportation. Favor suppliers that demonstrate environmental and social credentials.

Social responsibility

Take an active role in the various initiatives and discussions during the event that will support sustainable development within your sector. Inspire visitors by showcasing the sustainable features of your products.

Digital benefits

Utilize our digital capabilities for extra visibility that drives traffic to your booth; no brochures or informational sheets are needed. Familiarize yourself with how to best use your Easy Go package and leverage digital channels. Show your booking confirmation digitally on your phone upon arrival at Malmömässan. You don't need to print it out.

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